Welcome to Ron Echelberry as our 2021 Rotary Club of Aurora President and thankyou to Ben Askren for your "Service Above Self" leadership in a difficult year of 2020!
From the President:
Welcome to The Rotary Club of Aurora and it’s Foundations.  Rotary International is a service organization that has many features including internationality, fellowship, development of goodwill and world understanding. The primary emphasis is on high ethical standards and concern for people, places and things.
Rotary International Foundation has had as its primary goal the eradication of Polio around the world.  The last cases of Polio are now located in just one country in the world and are single digits, it has been stated that there is only 1 known case at this time.  This Rotary International Foundation also provides grants to countries in need of disaster aid, water purification and sanitation and works with Rotary Club partners in other countries to achieve success in these missions.
Our local club, The Rotary Club of Aurora, is in its 21st year of providing aid and assistance to local agencies and groups in and around Aurora such as food pantries, educational scholarships, students of the month, nature center programing, police dog funding, Habitat for Humanity of Ravenna and many more.  We also provide manpower assistance to many other Aurora projects like Spring and Fall Cleanup.
We are a diverse organization and are made up of members both younger and older with over 300 years of combined experience in "Service Above Self" contributions. If you are interested in serving your community, come join us  we would love to meet you!. If you would like more information, send me an email at Ronechelberry@gmail.com.
Yours in Service
Ron Echelberry, President the Rotary Club of Aurora